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November 2014 -  Happy Birthday to Mocha thanks again theses dogs make our day each and everyday. Follow Mark and Rosebud around. Again the best and perfect dogs for our family. I will get a pic of Snickers when he comes in and send it to you.

October 2014 - We enjoy little miss tremendously.  Win is very engaging and smart as a whip.  Her athleticism absolutely floors me.....    She loves brushing and attention, which she asks for. 

 August 2014 - Just wanted to let you know that each day my puppy brings me such joy and laughter all wrapped up in one little bundle of pure awesomeness. Her personality is by far the best of any of my dogs, she is always happy and seems to be smiling all the time. Her butt NEVER stops wiggling and she's constantly walking around with a toy in her mouth in hopes that someone will tug/play with her. Her agility training is coming along wonderfully, I've got my fingers crossed that she will continue to stay crazy fast. The last couple of months I've really concentrated on the contacts and jumps. I still haven't decided whether to do 2on 2off or running contacts with her, right now just working on her confidence and speed over aframe and dogwalk. She has NO fear, which scares me at times, I don't want her to get hurt. She is also very passionate about swimming, which she gets to do everyday and I'm thrilled she loves it so much because I know she is in top notch condition from her daily swims, which will hopefully help keep her injury free from all of her creative moves and ideas.

Thanks again for such an amazing dog, I love her to the moon and back.

 August 2014 -  "He is such a great puppy ... maybe the best puppy I've ever had! He is so sweet and smart. Just a delight all the way around. He is figuring out routines, eating well, and next week we'll go through a puppy kindergarten five-week class to start on obedience basics. He already knows a few commands, but the class is great for socializing, etc.

Thank you again for being a fantastic breeder ... we are truly enjoying our puppy!"

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